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Many of life's failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Thomas Edison

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Getting ranked, noticed, or busy doing business is a common success every site owner seeks to accomplish but only few seem to achieve. My Due Diligence concept was named that because it's not a magic potion or something that involves luck, it's hard work and creativity applied every business day. It's not a helter skelter series of events you hope may work, it's a disciplined series of agendas with a true focus and function that will work, and if you invested the time to read my articles, you've come to realize that you have great inflluence over what the results will be.

After 10+ years of serving the public on the internet, and to borrow a phrase from a recent series of commercials, I have experienced a thing or two that has resulted in me knowing a thing or two about how to get the results you're looking for. The reason most sell you with the use of tech talk, acronyms, and mumbo jumbo is because talk of hard work and due diligence will turn you off to them and you'll take your business elsewhere, even if they might eventually accomplish what they set out to do. I would rather pursue this path and let you know that it could take as long as six months for you to reach your goal rather than to give you an earlier deadline that might not materialize. Of course, it all could take two months as well. But better to be more realistic than sorry and on the verge of quitting. As Thomas Edison once said: "Many of life's failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

So if you like what you read in my articles and you took my test search to discover how it works, let's talk about whether you're interested in light of my fees. I list my cheap prices here in keeping with my cheap philosophy and my business model. If you search the internet looking for this kind of service, you'll probably add a "very" to my cheap assertion. One more thing. This whole concept is designed so that once I get it all established for you, you can take it over for yourself. I'd love to keep going with it and keep getting paid, but if you've been moving forward, I think that you'll be established enough to where you can carry on without me. Although I'm the only one working hard on this initially, I'll be the one setting the tone for your work thereafter.

Just so we're on the same page: If after just three months you see that we're making phenominal progress and you believe that you are creative enough and understand enough about what we are doing and how we are doing it to take over at the helm, don't make any further payments to me and carry the ball forward on your own. That's

the essence of the Due Diligence concept and how it works.

Below is the animated promotion that might have drawn you here from or you might have clicked on a link from or one of my Craiigslist ads. No matter what got you here, something from the internet did. My doing nothing wouldn't have gotten you here. At the beginning, the Due Diligence concept will use Craigslist and Facebook to serve your needs for drawing customers to your site. Expensive newspaper ads, mailings, or broadcast ads are not as important as you might have once thought. If you want to create customers on the internet, engage the people who live and breathe the internet. No matter how attractive your site may be, how great your merchandise, or how low your prices, it's all for nought if no one knows you're there. In my case, what I offer to do on your behalf will make the difference in your business success on the world wide web.

As a one man show, I don't have expectations beyond a small but steady stream of work all year long. That is what sustains me. Your expectations may be greater. The end result is still the same; you want to surface in the top three positions in an organic search in your business category amid total results that may number in the hundreds of thousands or millions...or billions.

Here's my offer with that being the end goal: I will charge you the monthly rates published on my breakdown page that you can get to by clicking on the red link below, each month payable on the first of the month. This is a month to month. If we are successful in as little as three months you can say goodbye to me and continue on your own. We have no contract other than my successful performance.  And if it doesn't work in 6 months as I predict, I'll do it for free thereafter until it does. A fair enough guarantee?

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