The CHEEPER Social Media Concept

That Really Works!

Rank High. Get Known. Get Busy Doing Business On The Internet.

The CHEEPER Social Media Concept

That Really Works!

Rank High. Get Known. Get Busy Doing Business On The Internet.

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Many of life's failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Thomas Edison

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Mail to: Barry Lee・24001 Calle de la Magdalena #2055, Laguna Hills, CA 92654  I   Phone: 516-510-3803   I   FREE CONSULTATION   I   Email:

Let me first explain why it's so difficult to get your site recognized online.

Only a business of substantial means putting a site up on the internet would expect it to be launched successfully in a short period of time. Do you really think that a big company is just going to launch their site like you would and then pray for customers to come to see what they built, like you would? Not in this life. You're going to first hear about it in their TV and Radio ad campaign backed by their print ads and videos, while a PR push has arranged for talk show guests on every channel to discuss how wonderful the site is expected to be. And just to provide back up for everything, they have hired the very best SEO experts doing what they can to make the internet experience the best it could possibly be. But if you're here reading this, I'd venture to say that you're not on that short list of those that can afford all of that.

It's time to introduce yourself to a brand new way of thinking.

If you're amongst the million and one small to medium size businesses that include legal and medical professionals, small shop owners, repair facilities, restaurateurs, trendy one of a kind venues, tradespeople, construction companies, or any other local or regional enterprise that forms the bulk of the internet, how many visitors to your site do you think you can possibly handle? What would it be like if by some world wide web wonder thousands of people came by your site tomorrow and decided to take advantage of what you have to offer? Would you have sufficient inventory on hand, be able to accomodate all the inquiries, or would you be totally overwhelmed?

You're not Uber or Amazom or Geico, you're a person like me who relies on a steady flow of business. You're usually hands on at your site; far from being 100% automated. You want clients coming to you every day but you want them in a steady, manageable stream. You'll accept slightly overloaded situations without being totally overwhelmed, but you'd prefer predictability. If someone walked into or called your restaurant with 500 take out orders or came to your site with 500 orders for your handmade product, what would that mean to you? What I'm basically saying is to give yourself reasonable expectations and it will be easier to fulfill them.

Your approach to getting recognized and getting business online will work exactly the same as the big guys.

In the opening paragraph I described a radio and TV scenario that you could certainly emulate. The only similarity being that it goes to millions of people you would want to target in any geographical area without the added expense associated with TV and radio. Instead of expensive talent and crew costs, you're dealing with graphic artist fees and costs for ad placement, which can be as inexpensive as $5. Don't get me wrong. If you have the budget for a TV presence do it on Cable; the reach and programming is similar to network television, but the prices are worlds apart. Overall, good creativity always trumps overpriced ideas and you're able to get the job done for a reasonable amount that won't make you have to bite a bullet. This is true for anywhere you want to promote your site and your store. Radio, TV, Direct Mail; anywhere. If together we can develop a creative campaign with all the incentives I will give you, you will basically be going head to head with all your competition while creating a first rate presence that everyone will soon become familiar with. And if you have any doubts as to my ability to get it done, take a look at my callout (top right) entitled SEARCH ENGINES DON'T LIE!

With me, you can avail yourself of what all the big guys can produce, but you'll get it for a whole lot less. Because you should be on Facebook, you can give yourself a professional presence for very little, including keeping yourself up to date with your postings. If you have pictures that tell a story you can get yourself going on Instagram. Advertising and interacting with your client base will be based on what you can afford. You'll learn all the ways to gather email addresses for successful email campaigns that will keep you and your customers engaged constantly with one another.

Should you desire to establish yourself as an expert in any subject or create a blog or newsletter on your site, I can provide that backup as well. In fact, I have published the "Things I Can Do To Increase Your Business For $300 or Less!" that you can find (above right). And if you have any doubts as to my ability to get that done, visit my agency site at and take a look at my samples in over 18 separate categories. This is your opportunity to tailor a plan for yourself that I know you will be happy with and won't strain your budget with monthly fees. You can give me a call anytime to discuss it. Consultation is FREE for as long as you need it. Enjoy the day. Barry

Welcome To The Due Diligence Concept.

For the small to medium size business that thinks they can't compete on a high level, you must read this entire page. This is a site well worth your time.

I used this phrase originally because I wanted to establish it as my tag line, and used it as a test to see if I could make it stick. It's not necessarily what the average person would enter in a search, but at the time that wasn't my primary goal. My goal at that time was to see what I could establish as the phrase that would point to me and me alone. The results you are seeing here are from a search I did in November 2019, the same search I do every year around this time. I didn't hand pick and choose the results; I use only the top eight search engines on the internet and take a screenshot of the results, including how many total results there were. The point being: I can make it happen for you, if you follow my Due Diligence guidelines!



I did a search using the following words:

Your One Man Advertising Department.

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● Brainstorm with a career advertising man for FREE who wants you to succeed as much as you do, offering you valuable out of the box solutions you may never have thought of on your own. Essentially, your own "agency guy".

● Things might not move as quickly as you want, but a good motto to live by is: Slow and Steady Wins The Race. You will never regret a well thought out campaign and the money you can save by doing it.

● I know the ways to let your potential customers know what your business is all about and I know how to do it in a first class manner.

● You'll never pay monthly fees. You pay only for what you need when you need it. All fees are paid upfront as is common on the internet. 11 solid years of online service is your assurance that I deliver. I will happily furnish you with samples of work I performed in your category and references whenever possible.

● Know exactly what you're paying for before you lay down one penny. Start small and test the waters if you have any concerns.

● Many samples of my agency work in 18+ categories can be found at (Check it out).

A good

Investment in

your business can be measured in creativity

not in dollars.

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